• Dubbing and voice over in Macedonian and Albanian languages for broadcasting and cinema
  • Post production , editing &mixing in Pro Tools HD & Nuendo
  • Script translation with lip-sync adaptation in Macedonian and Albanian
  • Translation and lip-sync adaptation of songs for children content
  • Ftp delivery of recorded materials
  • Voice over for TV & radio ads
  • VO for e-learning
  • Music recording and mixing

Klarion  Studio is equipped in every aspect to perform services in the field of audio and music projects, as well as localization (dubbing and voiceover) in Macedonian and Albanian languages for audio-visual content (animated broadcasting &theatrical films, documentaries and educational TV programs, e-learning,etc).

  1. Music projects and audio services

Klarion Studio has performed professional services of recording, mixing and audio-post production since 1992. It is well-established and renowned for the numerous musical projects for the most prominent Macedonian singers as well as pop, original folk music and children’s festivals that have been recorded and produced in it.

1.2 Dubbing and voice-over services

Dubbing and voice-over services  are  extremely complex and demanding for recording and production. Therefore, Klarion Studio has dedicated a lot of attention to them in order to offer its clients a high quality service and true enjoyment to the viewers who follow audio-visual contents in their mother tongue.

As a result of this dedication, Klarion Studio offers complete dubbing and voice-over services in Macedonian and Albanian languages for all kinds of video contents.

We offer the following services from all the phases of dubbing and voice-over:

  • Script  translation, lip-sync adaptation and proof reading;
  • Acting crew casting & directing;
  • Recording and editing;
  • Songs adaptation and  recording ;
  • Mixing & post-production;
  • ftp delivery of the materials in the format most suitable to the client

In order to meet all the clients’ demands, Klarion Studio has comprised a team of highly professional translators for Macedonian and Albanian languages, the most renowned professional actors, directors and supervisors, as well as professional technical crew for recording, editing and mixing.

Klarion Studio is located in an inspiring natural environment 10 km from the city center of Skopje.

Its acoustic treatment has been adapted to meet the highest standards for voice over recording as well as music projects.

Our technical gear  includes  highly  professional , industry standard devices with the world leading software Pro Tools   &  HD (up to date versions)

Apart from the main studio, we also have 4 dubbing and voice over studios that are also equipped with Pro Tools HD system.