Klarion Studio is Macedonian market leader for Content Localization services – voice over and dubbing, for Macedonian and Albanian languages.
Formed in 1992, Klarion Studio has grown into a respectable company for offering audio services in Macedonia and in the Balkans in its 27 years of working.
For the realization of content Localization services: voice over, dubbing, translation, transcription and media processing, we have established collaboration with highly professional translators and editors for Macedonian and Albanian languages. We have gathered a team of the most prominent actors from Macedonia and the wider region for the needs of dubbing theatrical and animated television series and films. Our directors and producers successfully manage these projects from the preparatory stages, such as casting of actors, to delivering the final product to the client.
Klarion Studio has dubbed high quality projects of different genres with the duration of over 200 000 minutes in Macedonian , Serbian and Albanian languages, to the satisfaction of our respected clients as well as our own.
Our studios are equipped with state-of-art gear from renowned brands like Avalon, Neve,Focusrite, Neumann,AKG, etc, as well as Pro Tools HD software.
Communication with our clients and transfer of materials is done through broadband internet optical connection with download and upload speed of 100 Mbit/s.
We work on projects with highly professional and experienced teams with continuous technical education, which enables us to be one of the most respectable companies in the Republic of North Macedonia and in the wider region in the field of dubbing and voice over services.
We would like to emphasize that we are specialized for children content dubbing since we work with a team of children actors aged 5-13, especially trained and experienced in this field and exclusively for our studio.
Our goal is to produce high quality dubbing and voice over materials to the satisfaction of our clients and viewers from North Macedonia and worldwide through television, cinema, radio, internet and mobile platforms. The proof that we are achieving this goal is our long-term collaboration with the most renowned clients and broadcasting companies worldwide.