List of studio gear:

Pro Tools  HD & Pro Tools  (up to date)

Steinberg  Nuendo  (up to date)

Avid HD 16 I/O interface

Prism Sound Orpheus  8ch. AD/DA converter

Avid MC Control; Avid MC Mix (2 pcs.); Avid MC Transport

Digidesign  Pro Control 24 ch.  Pro Tools & Nuendo controller with V-Control Pro software

Digidesign Digi 002

UAD-2  duo DSP card

Softube Console-1 with all plugins

Presonus – Central Station

Avalon vt737sp   channel strip

Avalon 747sp -mastering processor

Neve 1073 2ch mic preamp

LA-2A  tube compressor limiter

1176 compressor limiter

Focusrite ISA 428  *2  8-ch.  pre amp

Amek CIB (Rupert Neve design) channel strip (2 pcs.)

Focusrite  Octopre (with AD board) 8ch. mic pre amp

tc.electronic Reverb4000  (System 6000 stereo reverb)

Neumann U87Ai;  Mojave 300 Tube Mic; AKG C-414 XLS match pair;  AKG C414 B-ULS;  D112;  Audio Technica  AT 4047SV; AT 4041; AT 4040; At 3031(6 pcs); Shure Sm57; Sennheiser 425;541; Rode NT1 match pair;etc

Adam Audio S3V digital 3-way monitors;  JBL 305P; Adam A7; M-audio 5.1;

Hitachi 50”; PHILIPS LED displays- 40” & 32”